Girls On Decks” is a female-based collective that showcases and supports various up-and-coming female DJs & producers. Found- ed in 2017 in Santiago, Chile, started as an Events & Entertain- ment company, throwing local underground parties with 100% fe- male DJ Lineups. Word soon spread and Girls On Decks moved forward by booking international women headliners to tour in South America.

With our popular Girls On Decks concept, we provide female art- ists a powerful stage to share their message and talents, shaping the future of our musical landscape. Our dream is to curate inter- national tours supporting females and beyond aspiring as a Music Label and Radioshow-style podcast, opening doors and oppor- tunities to different female artists around the globe! Additional- ly, Girls On Decks wants to continue to support women emerging in music with workshops, branding services and our ever-growing network.